TECH HANS Air Conditioning & Refrigeration WLL is an independent company providing a comprehensive range of services aimed at Heating Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC) field. It was formed to meet an identified need in the marketplace for a specialist company to provide a quality 'fit for purpose' engineering service to the targeted industries at reasonable cost.
TECH HANS Air Conditioning & Refrigeration WLL, was established in 1999 initially as a trading concern dealing in Electrical and HVAC accessories. It was later on developed as a result of meeting customer’s needs and expanding on those needs with new technology in Air conditioning projects and commissioning. TECH HANS, is a provider for HVAC services and maintenance in the whole of Qatar which includes major construction projects. Each member of our team has an extensive background in retail management, as well as service management.
At TECH HANS, our philosophy is highlighted by the following guiding ideals:
  • To deliver the highest standards in our services by treating both clients and employees with utmost respect and trust.
  • To formulate innovative solutions in our operations and utilize the best of advanced technology to achieve our goals.
  • To maintain quality control to the utmost satisfaction of our clients, maintenance and technical support services.
  • To delegate decision-making powers to the company’s key and trusted personnel to pursue and manage any project, all the way from the concept through to the implementation.
We are dedicated to:
  • Quality - Providing products and services that are right the first time and punctual.
  • Communication - Providing accurate, reliable, and valid information to our customers.
  • Innovation and Change - Encouraging and listening to the ideas and opinions of industry leaders.
  • Behaviour and Ethics - Being honest, ethical, and treating all customers, with understanding and respect.
  • Safety - Maintaining a safe environment through educational awareness, and maintenance of tools and equipment.
  • Based on a Commitment to Complete Honesty and Total Quality!
  • The TECH HANS Air Conditioning & Ref. WLL is an HVAC contracting firm in that has been providing business and industry with timely and skilfully developed service.
The company operates within an organic, fluid structure designed to improve speed of response and adaptability to meet the needs of its clients. The company is comprised of two inter-linked disciplines, those of heating / ventilation and air conditioning / refrigeration, each having discipline engineers accountable to the client. Project teams are formed comprising appropriate disciplines such as project managers, engineers, CAD operators and ancillary services.

    General Manager: Abdul Rahman Al Nabith
     Manager (Contracts): Habeeb Rahman

Manpower Distribution
  • Engineers - 3 Professional Engineers
  • Supervisors - 2
  • Technicians - 6
  • Duct man - 20
  • Labours / Helpers - 25

At TECH HANS, we have always placed the highest premium on customer satisfaction through the quality of work that is maintained at every stage of our work and service. Part of our philosophy is that we endeavor to try and understand the needs and wishes of our clients. We acknowledge that our clients have challenging schedules and require quality services that are cost effective.

Our client list includes organizations such as QTel, LG, Sheraton Doha, Four Seasons Hotel, Intercontinental Hotel, Nasser Bin Abdullah group of companies, Qatar National Hotels, Al Moyyead Air conditioning, Marine Air conditioning & Ref Co., SAMCO International, Al Adsani Trading & Cont. among many others. In addition, leading civil contractors, engineering consultants and architects have benefited from us for their different needs.

The reason for TECH HANS’s good reputation and strong standing in the market is the quality of our products and unmatchable delivery of services.